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Born in Yamaguchi City

After graduating from the Department of Mechanical Control and Information Engineering at National Ube College of Technology,Moved to Tokyo with the aim of pursuing a career in the restaurant industry.

After working at a restaurant in Tokyo, he entered Tsuji Culinary Institute with the aim of becoming a chef.

Go to a French school and study in the meat department of Relais Bernard Loiseau (then a three-star restaurant)

After returning to Japan, I experienced service at a Michelin restaurant in Tokyo.After working as a chef and second person at bars and restaurants,Became independent in his hometown, Yamaguchi. ​

2020 France Restaurant Week Selected as Focus Chef

2022: Moved from Yuda Onsen to the current store.

​ Appearing in “Kokusai no Koku” in 2022 and 2023

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