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​Christmas course

​Period: December 23rd (Sat) - 25th (Mon)
Time 12:00
Amount: 11,000 yen (12,100 yen including tax)
Time 19:00
Amount: 16,500 yen (18,150 yen including tax)
*Only the above courses will be available from December 23rd to 25th.
*For reservations for groups with a wide variety of foods that they do not like during the Christmas period,
Please note that we are unable to accept your request.
*During the above period, occupancy is for 1 person, children's menu is not available.
We are unable to accommodate private rooms.
*Door opens 20 minutes before
Please refrain from being late for more than 15 minutes.

◆Cancellation fee
6 days ago 50%
​3 days ago 100%
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